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Secure Shuttle Transport (Corporate)

SST is the leading encryption and secures messaging software for corporations.
Whether for internal corporate use or for communication with people outside your organization, SST is the ideal solution that provides both encryption and communication in an integrated, easy-to-use interface. It does not require cumbersome security Key installations. SST handles security Keys automatically and transparently. It works without interfering with any other applications. SST provides the secure communications you require for legal, insurance, healthcare, or other sensitive areas.

SST Complete encrypted communication solution includes:

• Audit Trail Client (ATC) or Audit Trail Server (ATS) versions.
• Secure Instant and Direct Messages.
• Secure double window real time chat.
• Presence detection with Online, Offline, Busy, Away and other options
• Encrypts email attachments using your existing email client (Outlook, Netscape, Eudora etc.).
• Integrates with all Internet email systems seamlessly.
• SST email encrypts body text and attachments.
• User database search functions to locate other SST users.
• Checks for incoming email and other communications while you work and informs you of its arrival.
• Filtering and invisible identity options.
• Allows grouping and performs group broadcasting.
• Export security profile for travel purposes.
• Encrypted voice messages and audio clips.
• Encrypted Voice over IP provides encrypted streaming audio for SST users.
• Two-way, full duplex Voice chat enables complete and secure conversations.
• Exchange of security keys transparent to users.
• Small (1 - 2 Mb) downloadable or emailable client for easy deployment.
• Creates and manages a log of all communications in an easy table-like format. (Another version provides full audit trail on the server.)
• Encrypted credit card details exchange, transfer, and store in organized layouts.
• Easy server installations. (Two versions - both have embedded DataBase, which can handle up to 50,000 users.)
• Use of the encryption does not require any user intervention.
• Attractive site license pricing from 20 to 10,000 users.

System Requirements:

User PCs or notebooks for client: 12 MB hard disk space, Windows 98 or higher, Connection to the LAN or Network.
Server for SST server deployment: 90 MB hard disk space, Windows NT or Windows 2000 professional/server/ Windows XP professional/Vista, Connection to the LAN or Company Network, Static IP Address for server, Microsoft Server required hardware for normal server operation.
Embedded DataBase included but upgradable to MS SQL 7 or MS SQL 2000.