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Guardian AntiVirus
2009 version

Guardian AntiVirus automatically identifies and removes viruses without interrupting your work; New AntiVirus Engine Technology; Rave Reviews from editors and users! Automatic Daily AntiVirus Updates, Virus detection in over 12 compressed formats, and more.
User-friendly, proactive and automated functionality are keywords describing the Guardian AntiVirus.
The unique Guardian AntiVirus SandBox II technology protects against new and unknown computer viruses, worms and trojans - currently the most prevalent malware types.

Key features of Guardian AntiVirus

• Email scanning for malicious programs
• Real-time scanning of files
• Automatic Internet update

Business & Management Advantages

• Automatically removes viruses without interrupting your work.
• Scans and cleans incoming email.
• Automatically performs DAILY virus identification updates, where others offer only weekly or monthly updates; this keeps your computer protected against new viruses before they even have a chance to infect your system.
• Protects against viruses, Trojan horses, and malicious ActiveX® code and Java™ applets.
• The unique SandBox II technology protects against new and unknown computer viruses, worms and trojans.
• Protects against macro viruses constructed with Microsoft Office 2000, the most common viral deployment engine.
• Lets you schedule your program and virus updates to maximize your computer resources during normal business hours.
• Quarantine feature isolates infected files in a protected area of your hard disk until they can be repaired.
• The versatile Scheduling feature lets you selectively define and choose which scanning routines you want to perform when.
• Integration with Windows Explorer lets you selectively scan a file or folder at any time.
• Automatic Update checks for and installs new virus definitions to keep your system updated against the latest viruses.
• Automatically scans email messages and attachments in standard POP3 clients, including Microsoft® Outlook, Eudora, MSN® Mail and Netscape® Mail.

Supported operating systems are: Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista
Operating systems not supported are: Windows 95