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Total E-Commerce for Dreamweaver MX
2009 version

Now, you can create a powerful E-Commerce Web site with complete shopping cart functionality and with automatic order processing; choose between Online and Offline WebStores; use template software that integrates perfectly with Dreamweaver MX® or UltraDev®; save yourself weeks (or even months) of development work!

Business & Management Advantages

• The leading and complete E-Commerce solution for Dreamweaver MX® or UltraDev® users.
• Develop and manage Professional E-Commerce Web sites using state-of-the-art database technology.
• Integrates perfectly with Dreamweaver MX® or UltraDev®.
• Easily lets you build, manage and deploy your database driven E-Commerce sites.
• Perform store administration locally using Microsoft Access® or remotely using a browser.
• Enables merchants to "lock” the store when performing product updates.
• Visitors can browse and search through your products and services.
• Uses both large and small images to display your products.
• Enables visitors to select shipping and payment methods.
• Includes pre-designed Online and Offline E-Commerce Stores with built-in Search Engines.
• Online Merchant Account enabler lets you instantly begin setting up your online merchant account.
• Each template contains a powerful Shopping Cart with automatic order processing.
• Fully supports popular ASP technology.
• Visitors can place Secure Orders Online and process payments over a secure server.
• Automatically calculates invoice amounts and sales taxes.
• Fully integrated Gateway processing using AuthorizeNet services.
• Lets you take advantage of years of development experience - develop your site in just days!

Operating system: Windows 98/Me/NT 4.0/2000/XP/Vista Processor: 100 MHz Pentium or better (recommended) Memory: 64 MB RAM (recommended) Free hard drive space: 100 MB (recommended) Monitor: VGA or higher resolution monitor with 256 colors Peripherals: CD-ROM drive, mouse, and keyboard Note: If you use ASP functions, then these sites must be published to a Web server (such as Windows NT, 2000, or others) that can support standard Microsoft ASP functions.