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Total E-Commerce for FrontPage 2000, 2002
2008 version

Helps you create a powerful E-Commerce Web site with complete shopping cart functionality and with automatic order processing. User is free to choose between Online and Offline WebStores. You can use template software that integrates perfectly with FrontPage.
Supports over 150 different currencies i.e. French Franc, German Mark, British Pound, and others including the Euro. Has extensive taxation options to accommodate for VAT or other types of tax calculations based on international country regulations. Enables you the merchant, to apply and be setup for merchant account settlement with destinations being banks in your country.

Benefits and advantages of using this program are:
• Helps you develop and manage Professional E-Commerce Web sites using state-of-the-art database technology
• Integrates perfectly with Microsoft® FrontPage® 2000, 2002.
• Easily lets you build, manage and deploy your database driven E-Commerce sites
• Enables visitors to select shipping and payment methods
• Uses both large and small images to display your products
• Each template contains a powerful Shopping Cart with automatic order processing
• Includes pre-designed Online and Offline E-Commerce Stores with built-in Search Engines
• Enables merchants to "lock” the store when performing product updates
• Fully supports popular ASP technology
• Online Merchant Account enabler
• Perform store administration locally using Microsoft Access® or via browser
• Fully integrated Gateway processing using AuthorizeNet services

Operating system: Windows 98/Me/NT 4.0/2000/XP/Vista Processor: 100 MHz Pentium or better (recommended) Memory: 64 MB RAM (recommended) Free hard drive space: 100 MB (recommended) Monitor: VGA or higher resolution monitor with 256 colors Peripherals: CD-ROM drive, mouse, and keyboard Note: If you use ASP functions, then these sites must be published to a Web server (such as Windows NT, 2000, or others) that can support standard Microsoft ASP functions.