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Boomerang Software, Inc. is committed to offering the market's most comprehensive, affordable and accessible Enterprise and Personal/Small Business Web-presence software. Our mission is to provide a unified architecture offering Web-based tools, Security/Encryption solutions, and communication systems

We are one of the world's largest shippers of client-side E-Commerce Web-based tools with over 1.5 million units shipped.

Our goal is to help any business build robust, professional-looking Web sites necessary to compete in the emerging Web-based businesses.

Boomerang Software's collaborations, partners, or OEMs include, Hewlett-Packard, AOL, Microsoft and more.

National distributors for its packaged products include Navarre, Pearson, GEM, Tech Data and others.

Retail distributors include CompUSA, Staples, Office Depot, Fry's, Electronics, Microcenter.

Boomerang distributes more than 30 different products and targets the following markets:

• Large Corporations: Secure Shuttle Transport , Data Safe& Secure, Antispy Parental Control & Web Filter LAN version, eXtendia Web Application Builder
• Middle Size Companies: Secure Shuttle Transport, Antispy Parental Control & Web Filter,
• Consumer Users: Series Web Authoring and Security Products

Boomerang Software cooperates with a variety of companies and corporations. Our customers include world reknown companies such as:

• Boeing (uses Extendia Web Application Builder)
• MedCost (utilizes Data Safe & Secure Program)
• Hewlett Packard (Bundling Software with HP scanners)

Boomerang Software welcomes collaboration with medium size businesses and large corporations and enterprises interested in using our Corporate Solutions and Services. Our services are ideal for medium size companies and large corporations interested in outsourcing their IT projects and core functions to Boomerang Software�s facilities in Armenia. We have a team of talented IT specialists who can handle all their development needs.