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Boomerang Software, Inc. offers the market most comprehensive, state- of -the -art Enterprise Client/Server Solutions, providing numerous IT services aimed to maximize your potential benefits. In addition to Enterprise, LAN, Extranet/Intranet Solutions, it is one of the largest producers of stand alone Security, Web Authoring and Communication Tools.

Our mission is to provide a unified architecture offering our customers a large variety of IT services, Web-based tools, Security/Encryption solutions, and Encrypted Communication Systems.

Our Web content management, E-commerce, I-commerce creation tools and Web Site Building, Web-Hosting Services enable corporations, small business and personal users to create sophisticated Web sites. Our goal is to help businesses build robust, professional-looking Web sites necessary to compete in the new Web-based business world. Be it for informational exchange, E-Commerce, or any other Web-based applications, Boomerang Software's tools and services cover the complete range from personal web needs to Extended Enterprise.

Boomerang offers a broad range of professional Services, including Web Hosting, Web Site Building and Design, Offshore Development and Technical Support.

Large companies can use our Corporate Solutions to protect their privacy, keep their sensitive date under safe shield of protection and ensure the efficient running of their businesses.

Boomerang Software has established strategic partnerships and OEM licensing agreements that distributed its products to over 8,000 retail stores. More than 15,000 dealers carry original or OEM versions. Some of Boomerang Software's collaborators, partners, or OEMs include Hewlett-Packard, AOL, Microsoft, MacroMedia, Overture and others. National distributors for its packaged products include Navarre, GEM, Tech Data and others. Retail distributors include CompUSA, Staples, Office Depot, Fry's, Electronics Boutique, Best Buy, J&R of New York, and others.

The Enterprise products are sold through the company's direct sales force and through a network of VARS and Resellers.