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Guardian Banking Systems

Guardian Banking Systems is a Boomerang Software division that provides services for banks worldwide. This division has a core team of banking and IT specialists working together to achieve rapid and effective solutions for our clients.

Guardian Banking Systems help banks create and manage their Online Services

  • Archiving and Backup
  • Training IT Staff
  • Managed Operations
  • Payment-switching applications
  • Internet applications
  • Transaction engines
  • Customer service
  • Fraud and Risk Management
  • Real-Time Information
  • Outsourcing Banking Server Maintenance
  • Portal Improvements and Enhancementsl
  • Online Account Management
  • Encrypted Secure Communications
  • Fraud Detection, Monitoring and Reporting
  • Loans Management

Guardian Banking Systems provide:

  • Guardian Banking Systems Hosting Servers 24/7
  • Database Management
  • Email exchange server

Guardian Banking Systems help banks to achieve 24/7 availability, maximum reliability and massive scalability for their clients

Guardian Banking Systems help banks network their branch offices real-time through secure encryption, secure encrypted File transfers. This provides a high level of confidentiality for the customers.

Loans Management Tool enables you to manage � and monitor � the entire life cycle of a loan contract, including origination activities and all subsequent transactions, agreements, statements, interest accrual calculations and amortization, repayment, collections, and other life-cycle tasks.

Customizable loan analyzer can be tailored to your business tactics and strategies to fully satisfy your business needs.